K-SMART - Kerala Solutions for Managing Administrative Reformation and Transformation

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The vision of K-SMART is to create a Comprehensive, Integrated & Intelligent Data Centric e-Governance platform having combined features of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Government Process Reengineering (GPR) and Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) to establish a well governed & sustainable, people centered & service oriented, efficient & responsive, accountable & transparent, financially sound & competitive, Smart & Digital Local Governments for Kerala towards ensuring Ease of Living for the People (Joyful Citizens) , Ease of Doing Businesses (Joyful Entrepreneurs) and Ease of Working for Employees (Joyful Employees) resulting in an Efficient Administration.


K-SMART is envisaged to have over 23 functional modules covering the entire gamut of services and functionalities of a local governments and having features of a single mobile based app, with a single sign on, and a dashboard for every citizen & employee. It is being built on the UPYOG (Urban Platform for Delivery of Online Governance) e-Governance Platform of the National Urban Digital Mission (NUDM). It is based on Java Technology and employs the microservices architecture and DevOps engineering. IKM also intends to use Emerging Technologies like AI/ML, Internet of things, Block Chain, AR/VR, Analytics etc.


Today’s government processes are rife with tedious manual labour, slow-moving workflows, bureaucratic logjams, and other inefficiencies. K-SMART e-Governance solution can address all of these pain points through automated, streamlined and coordinated processes, improving both Citizen and Employee Services.


Our Approach and Plans

  • Re engineering the process and transform the government delivery of services through a variety of channels (including online, telephone and face-to-face)
  • Identify A – Z Third Party Integrations
  • Employee Process Transformations
  • Design and deliver joined-up, end-to-end services
  • Deliver the Digital Transformation
  • Establish a Whole of Government approach to transformation, laying the ground for broader transformation across the public sector

First Phase

In the first phase, there are 14 modules in K-SMART:

  1. Human Resources Management System module
  2. Digital File Management System module
  3. Finance Module
  4. Civil Registration (birth-death-marriage registration) module
  5. Business Facilitation (licenses for trade and industries) module
  6. Property Tax module
  7. Legacy Data Management System
  8. Building Permission module
  9. e-DCR Rule Engine and GIS Rule Engine
  10. Public Grievance Redressal module
  11. Know Your Land App (Android)
  12. K-SMART App (iOS & Android)
  13. K-SMART Web Portal
  14. Feedback module

Second Phase

In the second phase, there will be the following modules also in K-SMART:


  1. Citizen Welfare Module
  2. Revenue Management module
  3. Meeting Management Module
  4. Public Infrastructure and Civic Amenities & Services
  5. Surveys & Forms
  6. Business Facilitation Module

Salient features

  • Citizen Profile
  • Automated workflow for Civil Registrations
  • GIS Integrated Platform for Building Permits
  • Licensee Management
  • EDCR engine for Building Permit
  • Aadhaar Integration
  • Video KYC for Marriage Registration
  • My Buildings Management
  • Tax Management (Tax Assessment - Payments, Appeal etc.)
  • Group Pay - Property Tax
  • Budget Preparation
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Duty Delegation
  • Service & Post Mapping
  • Quick Payment
  • Quick Certificates
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Know your land feature
  • Self-Certification
  • SMS Integration