Sevana - Civil Registration

Sevana Civil RegistrationThe Civil Registration System handles essential statutory documents relating to citizenship, age, name, parental details, place of birth, financial rights etc. Kerala State has achieved a unique status in birth registration with 92% of the births and 90% of the deaths being registered. Kerala has the largest emigrant population of 1.4 million with current annual migration of nearly one hundred thousand. Birth and Marriage certificates are invariably required by them. Every year 0.5 million children get enrolled in schools. All of them require birth certificates. Number of death registrations come to nearly 0.2 million every year. Thus on an average 25 persons out of 1000 require these services every year. For the same reason civil registration has emerged as a priority area for computerisation by LSGs. Birth, Death and Marriage registration using Sevana is one of the main services provided through ‘Janasevanakendrams’ and ‘Hospital Kiosks’.

Sevana suite containing 10 independent applications for handling different types of activities related to the civil registration system (Birth, Death & Marriage Registration) in a local body is comprehensive and strictly in accordance with the requirements of the act and rule. 

Application Modules

  Modules Functionality
1 Sevana - PDE Module for handling legacy data
2 LB Inward Module for logging all inwards, facilitating tracking of files
3 Hospital Kiosk Front-end data-entry and transfer facility at the hospital for overnight issue of certificates relating to Births and Deaths
4 LB Gateway Module Facilitates security of the LB module with the integration of LB Kiosk and Hospital Kiosk.
5 LB Kiosk Module Front office module for Birth, Death and Marriage registration data-entry and verification
6 LB Module Back-end processing module in the local body for Birth, Death and Marriage registration and issue of certificates
7 DDP/ District Registrar Facility for condoning delay in Birth, Death and Marriage reporting.
8 Sevana - State Module Back end at the office of the Chief Registrar for handling major corrections and consolidated reporting on birth and death process
9 Web Services Facility for search and name inclusion over the Internet
10 Data Centre Facility for synchronising web services module with the respective LB module and for updating inter-module transactions between Local Body, District and State


  • Birth Registration & Certificate issue
  • Death Registration & Certificate issue
  • Hindu Marriage Registration & Certificate issue
  • Common marriage Registration & Certificate issue
  • e-filing of common marriage through akshaya, kudumbasree, internet kiosks, personal computer etc.
  • Verification Report and Acknowledgment Slip to Informer
  • Digitization of records which is registered before starting online registration
  • Name inclusion
  • Nonavailability Certificates
  • Corrections
  • Birth Registration of Adopted Child & Certificate issue
  • Extracts for Judicial purpose
  • Statistical Data collection
  • Daily, Monthly and Annual Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Transaction Details
  • State wide  Cause of Death data  collecting  of RCC is done through Sevana
  • Birth, Death & Marriage certificates is given through internet (Online Birth Certificates are permitted as a valid age proof document for School admission procedures (G.O (M.S) No. 173/10/.. Dated .02/09/2010 ..).)
  • State wide Statistical data is given through Sevana


  • Bronze Medal in National Awards for e-Governance 2009-10 (Sevana  Civil Registration System and Hospital Kiosks)
  • Kerala State e-Governance Awards 2009
  • CSI-TCS Award for Best IT Usage in 2001

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