Sugama - Cost Estimation Tool



  • Facility for recording specification of products, handling intends, tender notices, consolidated statement of tenders, purchase orders, delivery challans, payments etc.
  • Facility for rough cost estimates. detailed estimates, administrative sanctions, technical sanctions, muster roll, measurement book, particulars of contracts, payment particulars, status of works
  • Integrated with PWD schedule of rates and data book
  • Integration with cost estimates of type designs and prototypes
  • Integration with vendor information and market rates for items not listed in schedule of rates
  • Integration with Sanchitha, Sulekha, Sankhya, Susthira
  • Facilities for Inventory planning and Management Integration with contractor and vendor registration
  • Facility to prepare detailed estimate based on detailed drawings and Schedule of Rates (SoR)
  • Generate datasheet and abstract, docket sheet, conveyance statement, labour/Material component and Estimate report
  • Facility to add observed data and local market rate.
  • Facility to update the revision of Schedule of rates.
  • Facility to track progress of work.

Futuristic Features

  • Interface with AutoCAD for inputing and printing drawings
  • e-procurement features including consolidation of specifications, e-tendering, order finalisation, tracking deliveries, facilitating of -payments, electronic processing, post delivery obligations etc.