Short Quotation notice for Supply of Laptop for rental basis

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Quotation No. PW1/QN/2161/03/2024/ IKM Dated: 25/06/2024

Read: Quotation No. PW1/QN/2161/03/2024/IKM Dated: 21/06/2024

Sealed quotations are invited from vendors to provide around 40 good condition Laptops on rental basis for the use in Information Kerala Mission. Requirement of laptops will be for different periods of time and the same is to be supplied in IKM Head Quarters at Public Office, Trivandrum.

Item Specifications and Price Schedule for Quotation

Sl No

Item Description

Rent per laptop per day (Inclusive of GST)

Rent per laptop per month (Inclusive of GST)



- Intel core i5 or later CPU

- 8 GB RAM

- 512 GB SSD

- Window 11 Pro OS






- Intel core i5 or later CPU

- 16 GB RAM

- 512 GB SSD

- Window 11 Pro OS




The envelopes containing the quotation should bear the above superscription, and should be addressed to the Chief Mission Director, Information Kerala Mission, Trivandrum. Intending vendors may submit the quotations with the above Item Specification and Price Schedule format with Make and Model and their competitive price offering.

Last date of receipt of quotations is on 03/07/2024 by 3 PM. Late quotations will not be accepted. The quotations will be opened at 3:30 PM on the same day itself, in the presence of the vendors or their authorized representatives. The supplier who quoted the lowest price will be selected and the workorder will be issued. Maximum period required for delivery of the articles is within 3 Days of the Workorder.

Details of the requirements and the conditions can be obtained during the office hours from the Purchase officer/Purchase assistant, Information Kerala Mission.

Quotation read above is stands cancelled.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only the authorized dealers/suppliers/Vendors of good quality laptop shall be eligible to quote.

  2. The Quoted Price shall be inclusive of all taxes.

  3. Must be supplied in the Information Kerala Mission Headquarters onsite within 3 days of the workorder.

  4. If the item is not in the specification mentioned above, Information Kerala Mission shall have the right to return the laptop, and Information Kerala Mission is not liable to pay rent for the returned laptops.

  5. If the usage is less than a month proportionate date only will be counted for payment.


Dr. Santhosh Babu I A S(Rtd)

Principal Secretary/ Chief Mission Director & Executive Director (i/c)