Five years of implementation of Sevana Hospital Kiosk

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011

Achievements at a glance:

  •  The total coverage of Hospitals Kiosks as on 5-8-2010 was 74 Local Self Government Institutions (LSGIs). (5-corporations, 26 Municipalities and 43 Grama Panchayats).
  • Implementation is in progress in another 26 places of which 17 are ready for launching.
  • The Number of Hospitals covered is 325 as on 5-8-2010. (59 Government and 266 private hospitals.)
  • Monthly Registrations through Kiosks are to the tune of 37000 now. Total registrations done through kiosks during the year 2010 up to 30-6-2010 were 1.98 lakhs.
  • Number of Registrations done through Hospital Kiosks since inception till 30-6-2010 were 12.63 lakhs.
  • It is estimated that monthly registration of the birth in the state is 44000.(26000 urban and 18000 Rural).Hospital kiosk covered an average of 28000 Births-21000 urban and 7000 rural- Thus Hospital kiosk covers 75% of births in urban areas and 39% of birth in rural areas. Total birth coverage
    through Kiosks is 63 percent.
  • The Hospital kiosk covers on an average 90 percent of Births in the selected LSGIs.
  • Total number staff trained in Hospital Kiosk as on 31-7-10 is 970.
  • Those participated in the opinion survey on Hospital Kiosks expressed good opinion. 79 Percent got certificate with in 48 hours. 92 Percent was able to correct mistakes in the reporting forms small or big.
  • Total registrations of Birth – Death & Still Birth done in the state from 01.01.2010 to 30.06.2010 are 378624. (Birth 267920, Death 109505, Still Birth 1199). Average monthly registrations in the state are 63104.
  • Registrations are done through Sevana application in 989 out of 1058 registration units which covered 93.48 percent of total registration units. Total registration cover 95.3% of the total registrations.
  • Total Marriage Registrations done during the period of 6 months are 236224, out of which 225389 number of registrations are under common marriage. Average monthly marriage Registration is 39371.Sevana common marriage application is covered in 53 Local Self Government Institutions which covered 6.1 percent of total common marriage.