K-SMART: the smart revolution for Local Self Government Institutions

Posted on Friday, January 5, 2024

KSMART Launched on 1 Jan 2024 by Hon: Chief Minister



K-SMART: the smart revolution for Local Self Government Institutions

The application has been developed by the Information Kerala Mission for the Local Self-Government Department


Technological advancements have consistently paved the way for transformative shifts within individuals and reshaping the landscape of governance. E-governance initiatives and Smart Government offices have made public-government interactions more seamless and transparent. Kerala has always held a prime position in swiftly embracing such rapid changes. Now, the state government is taking a big leap forward to initiate another technological wave through Local Self Government Institutions. The "K-SMART"(Kerala Solutions for Managing Administrative Reformation and Transformation) project is designed to provide maximum services through an online platform to an individual from birth to death. It is geared towards enhancing the efficiency and transparency throughout the operations of the Local Self Government Institutions in delivering services and managing their day-to-day activities.


Local self-government Institutions currently employ a diverse range of software platforms to ensure the accessibility of various services. The ultimate aim is to transform these disparate systems into a cohesive and unified platform through K-SMART. K-SMART evolves from the existing Integrated Local Governance Management System (ILGMS) in Grama Panchayats across the state. Therefore, K-SMART is also referred to as the second edition of ILGMS.


The application has been developed by the Information Kerala Mission for the Local Self-Government Department. Centered on constitutional values, this citizen-centric service delivery platform is scheduled to go public on January 1, 2024. K-SMART aims to provide a diverse array of services to individuals, as well as service providers including Akshaya centers, private-local organizations, and employees.

Features at a glance:

Applications/grievances for services can be submitted online, and their status can be checked online

  • An integrated messaging system designed to provide applicants/complainants with the receipt of acknowledgments for the applications and complaints, available on their login, as well as via WhatsApp and email
  • Online payment provision for application fees, taxes, and other charges through the e-payment system
  • Credible and authentic certificates can be downloaded online
  • Services are available on time without spatial limitations
  • Upon securely storing the records in the login, the applicant/complainant can access  them for future requirements
  • Services can be availed through Akshaya Centers, Kudumbashree Help Desks, and other service providers with minimal service charges
  • Hospitals, Police Stations, Sub-Divisional Magistrate offices, and other government establishments can digitally submit reports, applications, responses, complaints, and appeals to Local Self-Government Institutions through K-SMART
  • Uniform and statutory protocols will be implemented across all Local Self Government Institutions
  • The transition from a file-centric governance system to a data-centric governance approach
  • A transparent and corruption-free administration becomes possible with the establishment of a governance system that effectively responds to the requirements of the public
  • Employees can complete the implementation of various tasks through a single login
  • Decisions can be made on files outside of work hours, even on holidays if required
  • Employees use individual login credentials for work to record their best practices. Office supervisors can also identify and take corrective action against those who fail to adhere to the best practices

The operations of Local Self Government Institutions and the services they offer to urban and rural areas are consolidated into 35 modules in K-SMART. All these functions are unified into a single platform, accessible online for the convenience of the people. K-SMART seamlessly adapts diverse technological disciplines, encompassing Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, GIS/Spatial Data, Chatbot, Message Integration, API Integration of various softwares, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things among others. This integration creates a harmonious convergence of diverse technological aspects. K-SMART ensures robust backend support for seamless services. In the initial phase, it will be introduced in eight modules.


  1. Civil Registration (Birth, Death, Marriage Registration)
  2. Business Facilitation (Licenses for trade and industries)
  3. Property Tax
  4. User Management
  5. File Management System
  6. Finance Module
  7. Building Permission Module
  8. Public Grievance Redressal


In the initial phase, K-SMART services will be available in municipalities and corporations across the state. Subsequently, the services will extend to all grama panchayats. Services will be gradually migrated from ILGMS to K-SMART