• Basic IT infrastructure provided in all localbodies and developed and deployed application suits for computerising and monitoring various LSG functions through web based services.
  • MIS reports on the plan projects  accessible over the web by category, sector and subsectors through Sulekha.
    Centralised repository of the localbody level plan project data of 10th 11th and 12th five year plans.
  • KSWAN/VPN Connectivity provided in 1200 local bodies. Others being implemented through BSNL.Planning to be the first State in the country to achieve 100% connectivity in all the 1200 local governments of kerala
  • The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the apex body for ICTs in the United Nations, has short listed IKM initiatives as one of the most promising initiatives across the globe.
  • Developed 20 application suits for monitoring and functioning, accounting, monitoring and development in the local self government departments, which are under various stages of implementation.
  • Implementing accrual based double entry accounting through Saankhya application software developed by IKM. Massive  deployment of this kind is first time in the country that will ensure real time web based access to the financial status of the local bodies of Kerala.
  • State-wide rollout of the Sanchaya application software for plinth area based assessment of property tax ,providing D&O licenses,e-payment of land/building tax, profession tax, rent on building and entertainment tax.
  • A State-level Help Desk established for handling all queries related to hardware and networking and application software developed by IKM, hardware and networking issues emanating from the local bodies.
  • Digitized revenue cadastral maps of 1200 local bodies, which is in 1:3960 scale and a state level cadsatral level information system for all local bodies established.
  • A comprehensive spatial information touch screen kiosk is being established in Tanalur Grama Panchayat for extracting household- based building tax details.
  • OCR for handwritten numerals has also been developed which would have a tremendous impact on the digitization of accounts data in LSGIs.
  • Citizen-friendlyJanasevanakendrams in 77 locations for automated with improved ambience and facility established service delivery mechanisms
  • Electronic online reporting of birth and death reports to the concerned localbodies through 455 hospital kiosks. 77% of the birth registration in the State is reported through HospitalKiosks. Issue of authenticated birth and death registration certificates within 24hours of registration in the LSGls of Kerala.
  • A web portal, the biggest web site in Malayalam with more
    than one lakh pages has been developed and maintained.
  • Independent web sites of the 1200 local self government institutions, comprising local level statistics, maps, demography, administration and resource management.
  • Developed websites of All Local Governments using Open Source Content Management System are deploying and being maintained.
  • Introducing e-payment facility of property tax,professiontax,rent on building and entertainment tax through the i-connect programme of the State Bank of India.
  • e-filing of sevana common marriage registrations through Akshaya centres, Kudumbasree, internet cafes and
    personal computers
  • As a part of the KPEPF computerisation,Credit card details and Credit cards of panchayat employees for 2017-18 has been finalised and updated in the website.
  • Hand held services for field level collection of revenue.
  • SMS facility intimating registration details,alerts for immunisation schedule of newborn etc.
  • Sanchaya application got The Kerala State e-governance awards(second prize) for the best IT-enabled citizen-centric services and projects for 2010