Sanchaya - The Revenue & Licence System

SanchayaThe Revenue and Licence System“Sanchaya” is an application software suite developed for the computerisation of Revenue System in local governments. This application handles property tax, profession tax, rent on Land and building and licenses such as Dangerous and Offensive (D&O), Prevention of food Adulteration (PFA) and Advertisement tax etc. Utility payment services like Hall booking, ambulance, vehicles, crematorium, payment on water bill etc, can also be done through this software.

Sanchaya consists of two modules: 

  1. Sanchaya LB module captures the details of tax payee/institution and demand
  2. Sanchaya Web module (e- payment) is a web based application through which a citizen can check the tax amount due, and remit the taxes through an electronic payment gateway. It also has facility for e-filing of statements online


  1. Streamlining Revenue System
  2. General public can create online account to group various properties owned within Kerala. Various activities can be done using a single login. The owner will also get period SMS/ email alerts
  3. Status (payment successful/failed) will be intimated to the payee through email or SMS
  4. e-File property tax self assessment form (under the new plinth-area, self-assessment based rule)
  5. No expense incurred by the local body
  6. Local government can generate Demand-Collection-Balance statements at any point of time.
  7. Local governments can easily identify big defaulters and take necessary steps for revenue realisation. Details of defaulters can also be published as a list, if desired by the local government.
  8. 256 bit SSL (VeriSign) secured
  9. Multiple profession tax numbers (traders & employees) can be grouped.
  10. e-File profession tax details
  11. Linkage with FRIENDS, SPARSH, Akshaya and India Post
  12. The eSMS facility, State Data Centre and KSWAN are the common infrastructure of the State Government, utilised in the project


The URL of the e payment site is User has to login to the site and select the services (property tax etc.) offered by the site. The link for the payment will enable the user to make the payment online. Status>>



  1. Sanchaya property tax system was made online in these locations  
  2. The property tax data of all these local governments are available online at the website
  3. The handling of property tax is completely streamlined with the use of Sanchaya in these locations. 
  4. Sanchaya e-payment facility is successfully up and running in Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram. It is ready to be commissioned for Kollam and Kozhikode Corporations; Guruvayoor, Kannur and Ottapalam Municipalities; Thanalur and Manjeswaram Grama Panchayats. The facility is available for all the local governments of Kerala, and they only need to finalise the database, to utilise the facility.  
  5. Operational process of e-payment was drafted and it is being issued as a Government Order.
  6. Number of transactions so far is 427, since inception (22-Feb-2011) and up to 30-Nov-2011. Amount collected so far is about ₨ 6,31,278/-. (More publicity is planned to build awareness of the facility)

Future Plans

  1. Incorporation of Profession tax and rent on land and building 
  2. Incorporation of all types of revenues including licenses 
  3. Facility for printing ownership certificates and licenses directly from the website
  4. Massive digitisation programme for Revenue System under the Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP)

Process Diagram

Sanchaya Process Diagram


  1. Sanchaya - Online Tax, Fees and Licence with e-Payment facility, for Local Governments “ submitted for National E-Governance Awards 2011-2012 has been short listed for the second round