KSMART Workshop at Aspinwall Kuravankonam

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2022

K-SMART (Kerala - Solution for Managing Administrative Reformation and Transformation) is a new data centric ERP based solution for LSGD in Kerala by using latest cutting edge technologies from market. This aim to build a smart e-governance solution for all Local bodies to ensure a good governance for local body employees, citizen or anyone seeing services through local bodies. This is going to be a mobile app based solution and local bodies all service applications will be integrated to this new KSMART platform.

Online submissions of all Services running in ULB's will be made available to Public including e-payment facilities and IOT Integration through KSMART. Civil Registrations and allied activities, Social Security Pensions, Revenue and Construction of Buildings with GIS Integration, Permissions and Licenses, Various complaints, Establishment activities etc are some of the features of KSMART.

To achieve the goal IKM team is working as a workshop mode at Aspinwall Kuravankonam

KSMART Workshop


KSMART Workshop