Samveditha - LSGD Web Portal

To reach out to the world, to know, to inform, to stimulate debates and to strengthen the civil society…

  • Provides a wide variety of user categories with exhaustive information on the geographical, demographic, socio-economic and developmental features of all the 1200 local bodies in the state.
  • Provides information of almost every aspect of decentralisation, Panchayati Raj and decentralised planning.
  • The largest of its kind with content volume touching 1000MB equivalent to roughly one lakh pages.
  • Facilities for extensive search for amendments, legislations, Notifications and court orders on decentralisation.
  • Provisions for interaction among the local bodies and various institutions.
  • Permits intensive volume escalation in the future, as the information is mostly retrieved from structured databases.
  • Extensive graphics, streaming media content and maps.
  • Customised news updating.
  • Messaging frameworks.