Sulekha - Plan Monitoring System

SulekhaSulekha is the developmental information systems for the local government plan projects addressing the felt needs of the local community identified through a grassroots level appraisal strategy. Monitoring of developmental projects with focus on Gender budgeting, slum development, urban planning, environmental appraisal, projects included in the anti poverty sub-plan and those having an impact on children and the aged are given special attention

Sulekha helps unsnarl the intricacies of the planning process systematically and professionally… 

  • Facilitates standard project accounting with provision for fixing financial targets, physical targets, schedules, financial and physical achievements, details of approvals, beneficiaries, assets created etc.
  • Facilitates consolidation of formulation and expenditure data of the Ninth , Tenth and Eleventh Five Year Plans and transfer of data between institutions at various levels of plan monitoring and co-ordination.
  • Tracks the entire course of plan formulation process by incorporating reports of working group, gramasabha, development seminars and social and other audits into plan projects.
  • Integrates with vertical processes for approval and appraisal at Technical advisory Committees, District Planning Committee and the Local Self Government Department. 
  • Facilitates generation of validation reports to ensure the plan process pass through strict guidelines
  • Generation of reports to compensate the shortfall caused in the utilisation of fund  allocated to SCP and  TSP categories. 


  • CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2013-14 
  • Gold Medal in National Awards for e-Governance 2009-10 by Government of India under the Category "Excellence in Government Process Re-Engineering"
  • CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award of Excellence 2008-2009 in G2G category

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