Line of Business Expertise

Human centred ICT Technology application that calls for a process of participative software development requires systematic documentation of processes for version Management. LoBE provides assistance in the whole life cycle of the application development which includes system study and documentation, domain support, system specific requirement and user requirement document finalisation, manual preparations, master finalisation, quality control and assurance, field level implementation support, assistance in the customisation of new versions of applications etc.


  • To direct the government process re-engineering and change management programmes of the mission.
  • To proactively examine existing systems in local government and to devise mechanisms for change management including standardisation, simplification and improvement and to organise stakeholder consultations to streamline implementation of change management.
  • To undertake action research programmes for finalising systems for plan monitoring, property tax reform, community database integrated with UID, accounts reform, alternate service delivery etc.
  • To ensure systems for project management including preparation of various documents, reports and statements, improvement mechanisms etc
  • To train personnel in the team and senior functionaries in local governments to  put in place appropriate  processes and systems and to ensure achievement of the targets relating to standardisation, process simplification, improvement and related change management.
  • To devise systems for inter linkages with other teams as per the linkage matrix with other teams, in order to achieve the objectives of the reference team.
  • To devise process definitions and process cycle definitions for operations, to devise mechanisms for capturing performance parameters on processes and process cycles, and devise mechanisms to monitor and manage process changes in accordance with the standards fixed.
  • To integrate best practices in handling legacy systems , and in commissioning and post commissioning operations, and to provide systems support at the service level, product level, on site level, team level and department level. 
  • To beyond process and product quality towards systems for Total Quality Management and devise mechanisms for people centred service delivery and governance at the Local government level based on this.