The division has the responsibility to Update LSGD website. Official Documents like Government orders, notifications, transfer & posting orders of LSGD staff etc are publishing from this division. Division has the responsibility to give frequent support to maintain all local body websites. 4 Technical Officers, One programmer and one Designer are engaged to fulfill the target of web division. Information Kerala mission, among with other activities, has developed an exhaustive website www.lsg.kerala.gov.in named samvedita for the Local Self Government Department, which is distinctly different from the conventional web sites maintained by other government departments. In terms of architecture, content, and treatment this website provides a wide variety of user categories with exhaustive information on the geographical, demographic, socio-economic and developmental features of all the 1200 local bodies in the state and almost every aspect of decentralization, Panchayath Raj and decentralized planning including the academic deliberations and reports of various commissions, committees at the state and national levels. This could be rather regarded as a ‘super portal’ of the independent web sites of all the local bodies and the largest of this kind, with content volume touching 1000MB equivalent to roughly 1 lakh pages. The architecture of the site permits intensive volume of escalation in the future as the information is mostly retrieved from structured databases. Apart from this IKM has also developed 14 District Panchayath websites, 152 block panchayath websites, 941 Grama Panchayath websites and 87 municipal websites in the state along with websites for Corporations of Thiruvananthapuram,Kollam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur. Websites are designed through the CMF Technology under the provisions of IT Policy. Information Kerala Mission has executed the designing and maintenance through the “Samveditha”Package with minimum details. Yet the authority to modify the content of websites will be with the Secretaries of respective local bodies. The authority to add more details as well as to update the existing content will be vest with either Secretary or the person who is entitled to do so by Secretary. This will be possible from the respective institutions itself. That is the advantage of Content Management Frame work. Now the Municipal websites are framed in Drupal, one of the reliable Content management frameworks compare to other available packages. The sites for District Panchayath, Block Panchayath and Gramapanchayth websites have been completed using one of the simple packages called Word press. Upgrading of these sites to Drupal is in progress. A wiki model portal for Local Self Government Department along with independent local body Websites of maximum information is our strategy.