Technical Support and Infrastructure Management

Support and Handholding Professional set-up at the headquarters with two secure LANs, a WAN and an internet connectivity at the headquarters, managed round-the-clock. A well-managed state-level training centre with connectivity for district training centre Maintaining a state-of-the art software development and GIS facility Professionals oriented for a human centered and professional hand-holding of the users . Efficient management systems devised for managing field level personnel Commercial engineering and roll-out plan documentation carried out, with extensive database created for the purpose.

Overall Responsibilities of the Division

  1. Management of IT Infrastructure, including (but not limited to) installation, maintenance, upgrade, system administration, auditing the usage and configuration. Technical support for commercial engineering would also be required.
  2. Deployment and handholding of application software in the local governments.
  3. Testing and release of application software developed by IKM.
  4. Managing bug reports, reproducing bugs reported from local governments, and communication with software development, to sort out the issues. 
  5. Backup and data security.
  6. Ensure service levels to the local governments and within IKM (to various divisions).
  7. Centralised technical helpdesk for e-governance in local governments.
  8. Capability building in IKM in all technical aspects including systems administration, database management.
  9. Building up standards and systems for software reengineering.