1. To provide connectivity between the State Planning Board, District Planning Offices, Local bodies and state, regional and district level offices of the Local Administration department.
  2. To develop a mechanism for regular monitoring of the plan targets achieved by local bodies, over the network and developing a local body centric management information system (Plan monitoring and management).
  3. To establish a mechanism for automating the various operations at the local body level like accounting, finance, public services, purchase, works and governance related tasks, as well as developing comprehensive citizen interface mechanisms using appropriately developed information systems and services at the local level, thereby making a quantum leap in accountability, transparency and efficiency in public service and considerably strengthening the social security network (Service automation  and Citizen interfacing).
  4. To develop an integrated micro level resource based developmental information system, which would facilitate meaningful decentralized planning at the local body level (Database development).
  5. To provide trained manpower for operationalising hardware, software and for handholding their operations for duration of one year from the commissioning off the last application (training).
  6. To provide continued technical support to ensure that the network applications are up and running throughout, through district level help desks and a state level help desk (Support). 

* The objective of IKM modified based on the Government Order GO(MS) No.360/2005/LSGD dated 01/12/2005