GIS Team

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Team was established in IKM during June 1999 for helping decentralised planning programme of the Govt. of Kerala. One of the objectives of Peoples Planning Program is the judicial utilisation of locally available natural resources for the sustainable development of the local bodies and employment generation for the common people residing in that local body. In this context, IKM established GIS division for generating scale specific micro level spatial data (hard copies and soft copies) for the requirements of managing natural resources, infrastructure development and local level administration. The information generated in the GIS lab would directly help the local body authorities for formulating their development plan, management and implementation in the spatial context.

The utility of a parcel map is that it allows for easy identification of where a property is located relative to public transportation routes and adjacent properties. For planners, assessors, engineers and local authorities, it provides a construct to aid in the evaluation of proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning, expansion of urban/rural utilities and as a tool for managing the tax assessment process. A parcel map is perhaps the most convenient resource available to the public to determine the location and Survey identification number of a property.

Objectives of the team

  1. Collection, compilation, scanning, digitisation and quality control of spatial data from the villages for generation of local body level maps in cadastral scale
  2. Creation of index maps of the local bodies
  3. Surveying and mapping of the road network, landmarks, electric network, storm water drains, sewerages and ward delineation for the premises mapping programme.
  4. To generate an accurate spatial data base for linking tax and socio-economic related attributes for individual parcels after conducting premises mapping
  5. Post field data updation, linking of tax related attributes with the buildings for tax reformation
  6. GPS survey for accuracy judgment of the spatial
  7. Leveraging the full capabilities of web 2.0 standards, our newly formed application development team delivers up-to-date spatial information as per Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and that can be used for analysis and exploratory aspects not only for GIS experts but also for common people through the medium of web.

Major Projects

  1. Cadastral Information System (CIS) - Delivered cadastral maps to 85% of the local bodies, including 5 corporations and 53 municipalities based on delimitation 2005. The map for urban local bodies were updated through field validation process before issuing
  2. Premises mapping completed at Attingal and Perinthalmanna Municipalities, Tanalur, Talikulam and Vellanad Grama Panchayats.
  3. Resource Mapping for Muziris Heritage Project.
  4. Created local body map showing Assembly and Parliament Constitution boundary for 14 districts.
  5. Produced Geographical Maps for the textbook of Social Science for standard V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & X (82 Maps for SCERT)
  6. Published thematic web maps of urban local bodies in Internet Map Server (